Mountgay Round Barbados Race Series kicks off the season

The Regatta season has got underway with the first major event of the season in Barbados. The traditional Mount Gay Round Barbados Race has evolved into a series of 3 inshore race days followed by the big event itself [always on the 21st Jan], some more parties followed by the inaugural 300 nm Barbados to Antigua Race; oh and of course some more parties.

Our crew this year wa a very mixed experience team led by skipper Steven Ginger. It included 3 Canadians … 2 from Saskatchewan [which isnt easy to say after a Mount Gay Party .. six Sakatchewan sailors sailed the seven seas .. try it! ], one each from Scotland, Hungary , France and a couple of Brits. For one it was first real time sailing and 2 others had a couple of days experience with us the previous week. Anyway a very respectable 3rd in class in the main event and 7th overall for Spirit of Venus and we await the result of the B to A Ocean Race which departed this morning and due to arrive early hours Sunday